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Build a Magnetic Lead System in 5 Days

Learn the steps successful entrepreneurs take to create systems for their opt-ins and freebies 
that bring in new clients.
May 10 - 14
Live Trainings at 12:30 pm PST
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If you know you need a way to bring in new clients but you're confused by all the may options and advice then be prepared to:
Get clarity on the type of freebie or lead magnet
Learn what pages you need on your website
Learn how to automate your lead magnet system
Wendy Perkins
The Success Doula
A WordPress developer, marketing consultant, and coach

About your host:

Hey, I'm Wendy!
For the past 20 years, I've been working with small to medium sized businesses, and the vast majority of them have been startups. I have seen first hand why businesses fail and why they succeed.
This probably won't come as a surprise to you, but the two key factors in the success of these companies is how they bring in new leads and what kind of system they have in place.
That's why I put together this Lead Magnet challenge.
I want you to know the exact steps to take to create a robust lead magnet system. So you can bring clients into your business, not just new leads. 
This event is available for free and will give you actionable steps to bringing in new leads consistently. Results are not guaranteed. There will still be work you need to do at the end of the event to create the system. I have put together an online course that you can purchase to get replays to the event and any bonus materials. At the end of the event, a program will be offered for purchase. 
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