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5 Day Masterclass Series

Create a Magnetic Offer

You CAN create an offer that is aligned with your life's purpose and passion that attracts your clients like an intense magnet.

Let me save you countless hours of research, second-guessing yourself, wasted time, and money... This FREE 5 day masterclass series will show you the ingredients of a magnetic offer. Not only that, I will guide you through the process of creating an elevator pitch that you can begin using immediately to start bringing in the money!
September 27 - October 1
Live Trainings at 11:30 am PST
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In this masterclass series you will learn:

  • How to design a magnetic offer
    HINT: It's only 10% strategy and the rest is about understanding the ABC's of magnetism (and also understanding quantum physics or trusting that there are laws of quantum physics)
  • Build your brand authority
    In order for someone to make a purchase, they must trust that the brand will deliver. Establishing your brand as an authority is absolutely critical in developing that trust.
  • Attracting your people
    What if you KNEW that you could attract the people you want to work with and that it could be easy?
  • Create a magnetic Elevator Pitch
    If you cannot easily and clearly state the value of what it is you do, you will continue to struggle making sales. Your ideal customers NEED to know and understand what you do before they can make the decision to purchase what you're offering. An elevator pitch (think 30 seconds) is an effective way to show your genius and skills and helps you make a connection (aka build trust) with potential clients.
  • How to sell your magnetic offer
    Learn the next steps to sell your offer

Who is this for?

You're tired of being on the struggle bus

You've been hustling, launching, creating content, posting on social media, showing up, and it's getting harder and harder to show up but you don't want to give up on your dreams.

You want to make more money

Whether you've made thousands, haven't gotten your first client, or somewhere in between, you know that you are meant to be paid much more than what you're making.

You want to help more people

You know that you are meant to make a big difference in this world and you know that how you help people can transform their life.

Bonus Sessions:

How to be a 5D Business Owner in a 3D world

Being a spiritual being in a human body has it's challenges, but what if I told you there was a map to show you how to create wealth, satisfaction and joy with ease? (HINT: there is a map designed uniquely for you)

Are you making one of the 5 common mistakes that leaves money on the table?

Most entrepreneurs do not have sales training... but I do! I spent years in sales (I've got a pretty awesome track record, too) and I can't wait to help you from making common mistakes that are costing you money.

Creating an automagical business

When you hear the word automation, do you think cold and disconnected? What if I told you that you can use automation to create connection? And the best part is, you can create authentic connections with people while you're not working!

Stop procrastinating by getting in alignment

Did you know that procrastination is a sign of misalignment? Learn the 4 reasons (yes, there's only actually 4) why people procrastinate and what you can do to get going on creating your dream business.
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Wendy Perkins
The Success Doula

About your host:

Hey, I'm Wendy!
I'm a trauma informed business coach that works with healers, therapists, and transformational entrepreneurs to help them master the skills, mindset, and strategy required to be a 6 figure CEO. 
I spent years hopping from one opportunity and passion to the next, hoping that "this time" will be the time that I make millions (including being a trauma informed orgasm coach). During those years, I had always had a side business of helping people with their websites and marketing (funny enough my "side business" was always my main source of income). Then last year, I had the epiphany of documenting how I helped people to see if I could leverage it into some sort of program. After analyzing the years of successes (and failures) of my clients, I saw a clear pattern so I turned that into a framework to help struggling entrepreneurs.
Around the same time, I learned about Human Design and start learning all about it (if you've ever looked into it, it takes months and months to get a solid grasp on it). Then I started getting the Human Design charts of my clients to see how accurate the charts were. And OMG... they are on target.
But the coolest thing was that once I started combing my client's human design charts and helping them tailor their marketing and productivity strategies to it, they started making insanely quick progress.
So I’ve developed a 6 month program that uses Human Design as a framework to develop an offer using marketing and sales strategies that are soul aligned with their unique abilities and gifts. My trauma-informed holistic approach provides support, guidance, and a safe container while they overcome their own personal hurdles on their path to success.
This event is available for free and will give you actionable steps to create a magnetic offer. Results are not guaranteed. There will still be work you need to do at the end of the event to implement your plan. At the end of the event, a program will be offered for purchase.