Human Design Discovery


Unlock your potential with a personalized Human Design Chart review. Understand centers, incarnation gates & spot conditioning areas. Only $50!

Discover Yourself Through the Lens of Your Human Design Chart

Understand Your Human Design Chart

Are you looking to uncover your true self and gain a deeper understanding of who you are? A Human Design Chart Review offers you a powerful tool to gain insight and clarity into your life. The 15 minute recorded review will provide you with a deeper understanding of your Human Design chart and areas of concern when it comes to being conditioned and affected by the energy of others. 

What You Get

  • Personalized Analysis: I dive into the depths of your chart, focusing on your unique centers and the gates of your incarnation cross.
  • Expert Insight: With a profound understanding of Human Design combined with a deep intuitive ability, I will bring clarity to your human design chart which can help you develop a deeper understanding of your true self.
  • Identify Conditioning Areas: I will highlight potential areas where external conditioning might be impacting your authentic self-expression. Discover these areas of concern and gain the tools to remain true to yourself in all situations.
  • Actionable Guidance: Beyond offering insight, I will provide actionable guidance on how you can use your Human Design Chart for practical application. With this guidance, you can unlock your highest potential and step into living life on purpose.  
  • Revisit Your Overview Whenever You Need: Receive your in-depth review in a convenient, 15-minute recorded format, perfect for revisiting and reflecting on your journey to self-discovery whenever you need.

What Isn't Covered

Please note that this service is primarily geared towards a focused analysis of your centers, the gates of your incarnation cross, and identifying potential areas of conditioning. If you're seeking a more detailed analysis of your strategy and authority and how your inner wisdom talks to you directly, I highly recommend, "Embody Your Design."

The Process (How it works)

Once you complete your order, you will receive an email from me requesting:

  • Your Name
  • Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Exact Time of Birth (If unknown, your reading may not be accurate)
  • Place of Birth (City, State, Country)

Reply to the email with the details and then you will receive another email with a link to your recording when it's done. It's that simple!

The Journey Begins Here

Human Design is more than just a system; it's a pathway to self-understanding, authenticity, and living a life that truly resonates with who you are. When you understand your design, recognize your conditioning, and you will discover a more authentic version of yourself.

Invest in your self-discovery journey today for just $50. Your path towards a deeper understanding of your authentic self starts here!

What is Human Design?

Human design is a map for the soul's journey.
Human Design is a system of self-discovery based on the understanding that we are all designed to have unique gifts. It was originally developed as a way for parents to better understand and help foster independence in children, but it can be harnessed by anyone who wants an abundant life full of joy, wonder, and ease.
Building upon thousands of years of wisdom, it combines western and eastern astrology, Chinese I Ching system, Jewish Kabbalah, Hindu Chakras System & Quantum Physics to show us who we are designed to be. The Human Design system explains how energy moves through our bodies and shows us that we, as individuals, have unique gifts that we are meant to share with the world.
Our charts show us where we are susceptible to receiving messages from those around us in ways which can be limiting or even destructive. As you learn to work with the strategies within your unique chart, you will find yourself moving through life with more energy and inspiration. It becomes easier for you to live a joyful life without feeling drained of all energy since this is not who you really are inside - there's more just waiting under the surface!
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