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Therapy or Coaching?

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Therapy is an intense, deep dive into someone's past and their trauma. It can be very helpful for those who have experienced difficult events in their lives that have left them feeling stuck or powerless to do anything about it. But do you really need to rehash painful moments and try to make sense of everything?

One of the beautiful things about therapy is that it helps us make sense when things seem like they don't make sense. But most of the time, we can make sense of our lives without having to delve into every painful moment or revisit every mistake that has lead us here. Some things in life we may never understand, and that's okay.

That's where coaching comes in. Coaching helps us to move forward without understanding everything. In general, coaching follows these basic guidelines:

1. Establish goals by asking questions

2. Break those goals down into smaller, more manageable steps

3. Provide encouragement

4. Find solutions to problems as they arise by asking questions

5. Celebrate successes!

As you can see, the main point of coaching is to ask questions and be supportive. It isn't about giving advice or providing pseudo therapy (which if you're a coach, you can get in trouble for providing therapy services without being a licensed professional). Coaching is about helping the individual uncover the best path for themselves.

No one knows what it's like to live your life. No one will know the best route to take except you.

A good coach will ask you thought provoking questions so you can find the solutions that will work best for you. That is the beauty of coaching.

Coaching is not about helping people through their trauma, but instead about supporting them when they get triggered. It is imperative that coaches are trained in trauma-informed care and practices so they can help them find methods and strategies that will help them achieve their goals despite getting triggered.

But if you've experienced trauma and you're having difficulty moving on in your life, a good therapist will help you with the symptoms that are keeping you from enjoying life.

So which is better? That depends on whether you want to make sense of your past to help you move into your future or whether you're ready to move one without rehashing your past. Both are great options... the decision is yours to make.

If you're a coach and you are interested in becoming truly trauma-informed, enroll in my Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification program.

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